Local 5 SMART Army

Here’s Unity.
On April 7th The SMART Army conference call asked for help making the metal strips on respirators. You may have heard sewing groups around the Country are making masks for our first responders and Medical professionals to assist during this pandemic. Local 5 jumped into action. We immediately called to locate aluminum sheeting. Wayne Grimes of Metal Supermarkets Knoxville learned of our efforts and donated the material needed. The very next day we received 15 orders from individuals looking for help with these strips. We immediately started shearing up 1,000’s of 3x1/4 aluminum counted them out and mailed them to people like Laural Surrett who is currently sewing 50 masks a week for Atlanta Hospitals or Jessica Reed of Montclair VA who has had to use pipe cleaners/wire of any kind because the hobby stores are sold out. Our Brother Jeff Burgin in Chatt. Has also received donations from Fisher Steel in Rossville GA and has began shearing and mailing orders today. I just spoke with Don Dette in NC who is in contact with the head of the statewide mask making with the help of KB Duct out of Greensboro one of our signatory Contractors donating material to begin processing orders. My Friends this is Unity. I’ve noticed Americans are happy to help in a crisis. As this SMART action continues to grow we’ll keep you posted. Proud to be In Unity with our Community’s as our Nation fights this pandemic.